Chonyonyo has a very stressful water situation. Women and children walk several hours to reach natural water sources. For the last few years, it has been possible for villagers to get water from MAVUNO’s school during the period of construction. From January 2016, that opportunity no longer exists since the school was opened and the water is needed for the students. Therefore, another solution is sought for. This project is investigating possible solutions and presenting the costs for pumping and distributing water from a potential water source to distribution centers in the village.

Engineers Without Borders Sweden is working on this project on behalf of a local NGO called MAVUNO PROJECTS. The core of MAVUNO’s work is to empower rural people. The established programs run by MAVUNO include agriculture extension work, environmental protection, microfinance services, participatory construction of rainwater harvesting tanks, access to education for disadvantaged children, and supportive services for a local coalition of those living with HIV/AIDS.

MAVUNO is building an Education Center in Chonyonyo for training small holder subsistence farmers and secondary level students. The aim is to educate local community members in proper utilization and development of their environment by addressing the underlying problems of environmental degradation and insufficient education. 

At the school, numerous rain water harvesting tanks have been constructed and these make a sufficient supply of water for the school.  The villagers living in the area are now struggling to find additional water sources and as the population grows this is an important challenge to take on.  

The project is run from Engineers Without Borders local chapter in Malmö and Bengt Dahlgren AB is the main sponsor.