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Engineers Without Borders at KTH Stockholm is constructing a small scale wind power turbine to be implemented in an off-grid municipal building in Tanzania. We are following a Hugh Piggot design which will make it possible to construct the turbine on-site from locally available or recycled materials. The windmill will then supply a school or a hospital with electricity.

We are a group of international students of various study fields at the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm. This project aims to implement a small-scale wind turbine in Tanzania at an off-grid location where it has a direct impact on the life of people in the community. The key factor for a sustainable and long lasting solution is that most parts of the wind turbine will be made from locally available, recycled and simple materials. Therefore, we are realizing a Hugh-Piggott design which has been widely tested for small scale turbines. The blades for example are made and carved out of wood. Thereby it will be easy for local technicians to maintain the turbine and replace parts. The electricity produced by the wind turbine will then supply a school or hospital, such that for example work and study times can be extended to the evening, when it gets dark.

The project should also give students an opportunity to develop hands-on skills and apply their knowledge from university education. Therefore, to get familiar with the Hugh Piggott design, the whole project group is constructing a test wind turbine at KTH campus during the spring of 2016. A workshop will be set up and all tasks will be conducted by the students. In the summer a smaller group is going to build and implement the actual wind turbine in Tanzania.

The third goal of the project is a mutual knowledge and intercultural exchange with the receiving country. For the final construction we are going to involve local people and provide training in maintenance for which we are preparing educational material. We are partnering with the local NGO “I love Windpower in Tanzania” that will make the decision where the turbine is to be implemented and be part of the set-up as well.

Currently, we are organizing several fund raising events. If you would like to find out more on our project or have any questions we would be very happy to hear from you at