Här hittar du blogginlägg från Ingenjörer utan gränsers medlemmar som arbetar i projekt, både hemma i Sverige och runt om i världen.

Seminar on Micro financing held in Gothenburg

For those interested, JAK bank is arranging a seminar on micro financing and its basics.

New Project - Rainwater Harvesting Tanks!

Caroline Bastholm
Since 2008, a successful cooperation has been ongoing between Mavuno Project and Caroline Nielsen, a member of Ingenjörer utan gränser, to construct rainwater harvesting tanks for rural families in Karagwe, Tanzania.

The Reflecting Engineer, last big push!

Elias Hartvigsson
Even though I have spent my last weeks on mountains like the one above, I hope you have not missed The Reflecting Engineer lectures held around Sweden this spring! If you somehow have, don't panic there are still many left. Photography: Elias Hartvigsson