tisdag, augusti 1, 2017 - 20:14

Carolina was sent to a village for few days to learn about roof construction process. It was quite hard to get to the village because the rain season had started. It took them almost a day to get there. The roads where under construction and dangerous because of landslides and narrow roads up in the mountains. We have witnessed these conditions at almost every site we have visited during our time here. Carolina stayed there for 6 days and made a video to show the entire process. It's going to be used as educational material later for the locals. Build up Nepal loved our idea about making videos since a lot of people can't read or write. Educational videos will help them in their communication process. A part of our thesis is to come up with ideas to make the construction and communication process more efficient. I believe that communication is one of the most important infrastructure of development. To be able to develop any sector of Nepal it requires ideas and opinions of other people who are experts and specialized. This is not possible without communication. If the communication is advanced and efficient, the transmissions of ideas and opinions will be quick and effectively which will help to carry out development activities successfully and efficiently. In our case we needed to look at everything from a different perspective because many locals from the villages cannot read or write. The reason is lack of economic opportunities that sometimes leads parents to send their children to work and not to school. The parents need money and in some cases, feel they have no other choice but to have their children work and help support the family. When children work rather than go to school they often miss out on the opportunity to learn how to read and write. To be able to help Build Up Nepal in their construction and communication process we needed to make the entire process as simple as possible. We needed to go back to the basics and put our self in a situation as if we knew nothing about construction to see how we could transfer the information in the best way. This is how we came up with the idea of making instruction videos in both English and Nepali. Carolinas roof construction video will be tested and other videos will be made for each part of the construction just like the manuals. Meanwhile in Kathmandu we came up with the idea of having all the information at one place. Johan and I designed a website for all these manuals and videos. Build up Nepal’s homepage is for clients and not built for the locals. Since the page was too advanced with way too much information we needed to focus on making it simple with pictures and videos so the locals could find all the information easily. The goal is to make this page to a mobile application in the future where they can have checklist and all information needed.

I have also contacted United Nation and the embassy for our thesis. They gave us contact information to a Norwegian diplomat and a Swedish guy who works with communication processes and human rights at UN. Carolina and I will visit United nation for a meeting about how the processes work here and how we can make things more efficient. To be able to use this information for our thesis I have contacted different construction companies in Sweden. We want to compare how everything works in Sweden and if it is possible to use any of the methods here in Nepal to be able to save both time and money for Build Up Nepal.